samedi 25 avril 2009

Ben Harper & Relentless7 @ Studio SFR Paris April 25th 2009

Ben Harper @ Studio SFR
Private show Paris April 25th 2009

Invit only, private showcase for 300 people ,mainly competition winners, with Ben Harper & Relentless7.
After playing La Cigale ( click for the review with Pics & Videos ) a few days ago Ben is back in Paris.
Once again he's here to promote his brand new cd ( to be out next week ) so tonight we'll only get new songs.
Once again we had to deal with a N° 1 slut in her field ( read SFR's PR ) to get in on time. As the show was broadcasted live on the radio ( Oui fm ) and Internet , it started at 8 : 30 PM sharp.
We made our way in just as the first song started.
The Place is packed.

What can i tell you that I didn't say about the show @ La Cigale , It's rocking tonight once again.
No more of that so called bluesy-soul shit.
Of course not all the songs are heavy we had a couple of really cool laid back songs.
The SETLIST was supposed to be only 8 songs and we were lucky to have 2 extra songs. " Boots like this" + "Faithfully remains" (or is it the other way around )
Great set , nevertheless a bit short 80 min long.
I guess nobody ask for their money back.

Ben Harper went to see a dozen fans waiting outside, after having a drink with a few vips, and signed a few cds including his brand new album , "a first in France" as Ben noticed.

Aftershow meeting

Invitation(s) + Passes + original setlist ( incomplete )
+ record & invitation signed by Ben Harper.