Monday, October 19, 2009

Wolfmother @ L' Album de la semaine Paris Oct 19th 2009

Wolfmother @ L' Album de la semaine
Canal+ tV show Paris Oct 19th 2009

After playing the Trabendo a couple of days ago , Wolfmother is still in Paris promoting their new release and second album "Cosmic Egg", this time for L' Album de la semaine TV show in front of a selected audience of 150 lucky bastards.
As they are here to promote the new album we have 5 new songs and then 2 songs from their first opus.
If you don't know Wolmother , it is a hard rocking band from Australia a cross between Grand Funk Railroad / Black Sabbath and a stoner band.
It used to be a power trio now a quartet, the only remaining member is singer/ Guitar player Andrew Stockdale and you can hear it, his guitar was way above all the others in the mix , the second guitar player is completely useless as we couldn't hear it at all .
The new songs seemed powerfull but less groovy than the ones from the first cd.
That's the kind of classic rock that I like and Andrew seems to be a funny guy.
We can't really call it Wolfmother any more as it's looking more like Andrew with session guys.
they came back for an encore ( Andrew on vocals only & Bass/ Keyboard player Ian Peres , this time on guitar ) to play Kate Bush 's " Wundering Heigh" )
Great set.

Next Album de la Semaine recording on Oct 21st with Vampire Weekend and on the 27th with Sonic Youth.