Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sonic Youth @ L' Album de la Semaine Paris Oct 27th 2009

Sonic Youth @ L' Album de la Semaine Canal+
Paris Oct 27th 2009

MadameMime , Kim and Sionnan

After seeing Sonic Youth 2 days ago @ Palais des Congres ( Click for Pics review & video) in front of 3500 people , tonight it's much more intimate as there are only less than 250 people.
The studio is really packed tonight , there's even people on the stalls on the side which is usually always empty. So Canal+ tried to invite as many people as possible.
As usual for this TV show bands playing here are promoting their new album ( and they sometimes play a couple of oldies ).
Sonic Youth only played new songs , no encore : too bad , but the performance was neat and the sound and the conditions were PERFECT.
Soooo nice to see them in such a place , it's a bit like seeing them playing in your living room.
After the show we met all of them and we had the time to take a couple of Pics


I have found two GREAT videos on Youtube of their show @ Palais des Congres.
Silver rocket & Shadow of a doubt ( click to watch )