Saturday, October 17, 2009

Joseph Arthur @ Café de la Danse Paris Oct 16th 2009

Joseph Arthur @ Café de la Danse
Oct 16th 2009
2nd SOLD-OUT show for Joseph Arthur @ The tiny Café de la Danse ( 500 Capacity ) in Bastille.
Joseph Arthur is on his own once again. Thanks to technology he's a one man band recording loops live and playing over them. Many artists are doing this now always with great effects.
I was a bit scared for the first two songs as with Joseph you really need to be into his music to appreciate ( I'm not familiar with his songs at all even though I already saw him live opening for Tracy" The Bitch " Chapman).
I first thought well this is gonna be boring but after the 4th song I slowly started getting into it and then I was hooked.
Amazing what a man can do with a guitar and in this case 4 guitars ( acoustic 6 & 12 strings + electric ) and a bit of technology.
Alternating songs on his different guitars and the use of his "Loop machine" with had a very diversified gig between JJCale and Richard Ashcroft over 2 sets of 60 min and 50+ min or maybe the encores were really long.
The lightning was horrible sorry for the lousy Pics.

SETLIST: ( from Lonely Astronauts )
Can't let you stay
Electrical storm
Here comes the sun
The dream hasn't changed but I have
Black lexus
Birthday card
Leave us alone
In the sun
Linda (new song 'will you surrender')

Honey and the moon
You are free
The west side / Too far away (new song)
September baby
Invisible hands

At the merch table:
When I was running out of time
King of the pavement
Even tho
Could we survive

Joseph gets his wings