Friday, July 8, 2011

Journey + Foreigner @ Palais des Sports, Paris July 07 2011

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+ Foreigner @ Palais des Sports
Paris July 07 2011

Another day Another gig for ROCKERPARIS.
We're going down south for this one, I mean south of Paris @ Palais des Sports of the Porte de Versailles.
For the last 2 weeks there are 2 to 3 important band playing in Paris EVERY night ( Derek Trucks & Social Distortion are in Paris tonight) so it's hard to decide which one to go and financially for fans it's probably very hard as tickets are very expensive that's why the concert hall is half empty to see these Americans soft rock bands. Less than 2000 people.
You could find tickets for this one at the price of only 25 euros on official websites ( original price was up to 75 euros).
The standing pit down the front is the smallest I have ever seen in such a big hall (4000 capacity) , only 12-15 rows from the stage to the stalls where we're sitting and we have fantastic seats 2nd row dead center. It's as if they were playing in my living room.

First on stage and opening is French guitar player for Trust: Norbert Krief aka Nono, lightning and sound is shit, it's un-rehearsed and songs are lame: all this makes a very average show.
Can't believe that Foreigner is playing before Journey, they're so much more popular in France.
We saw them last year @ Grand Rex ( Click for review with Pics & video, Part 2 is Here) headlining and they were smoking ! They might be a bit soft on albums but LIVE they're kicking ass.
The band is rejuvenated with Jeff Pilson (from Dokken) on bass and Kelly Hansen on vocals, the latter is a great singer and a great showman à la Steven Tyler.
really nice setlist (see below ) with all the hits and a few oldies including a couple from the first album and of course a couple of ballads.
Great sound, great white lightning (that's better for pics), nice stage : Great 75 min show.
A few links to videos: "Can't slow down", "Head Games", "Feels like the first time"

"Juke Box Heroes":

JOURNEY Headlining tonight !

First time we're seeing this band and we have to admit we're not fans of soft rock even though we like Foreigner and we don't know any songs from Journey, not our drug of choice.
After a 30 minute intermission Journey is getting on stage @ 10:45.
Cool start with some "heavy song", sound is clear once again great lightning.
Each musician is on top form : Dean Castronovo on drums is a monster, he should play in a Heavy Metal band, Neal Schon on guitar is kicking ass, Ross Valory on bass is probably the funny guy in the band as he's always making some funny faces, Jonathan Cain on keys, guitars & vocals is doing his job perfectly and that little guy from Philippines Arnel Pineda is a fantastic singer and is running & jumping everywhere including into photographer's pit to shake hands with fans numerous times.
Nevertheless after a few songs it's getting "boring" well not that much but we don't "FEEL" anything, it's a well oiled machine, everything is perfect but it's too perfect, there's no feeling.
I've talked to some fans after the show and many were very disappointed compare to the show they did @ Bataclan last year.
Overall good 75 min show (with only one Encore "Anyway you want it") but nothing more to say.

Very enjoyable evening thanks to Foreigner.
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