Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fistful of Mercy @ Cigale , Dec 5 2010

Dec 6: Updated with more videos
Great video from "Whom you belong":

Enjoy ! Thanks to Laurent.

Fistful of Mercy
@ Cigale Paris Dec 5 2010
Feat. Dhani Harrison + Joseph Arthur + Ben Harper+ Jessy Greene

Finally in Paris , this supergroup feat. Beatles' George Harrison's son Dhani, Folk singer Joseph Arthur & Superstar in France Ben Harper.
On paper it is fantastic unfortunatelly they did an album (recorded in three days) that's far from being good ... in fact it's pretty average.
Will it be better live ? We shall see.

The Cigale is packed and sold-out for ages, lots of girls in the audience, Ben Harper is very popular over here.
Too bad Jim Keltner who's playing on the album is not touring with them, but we have a beautiful girl, Jessy Greene on violin.
Dahni is on the left taking care of the guitar & piano, Joseph Arthur dead center on guitar and percussions & Ben on the right on guitar and a bit of bass at the end of the show.They are all singing lead. Jessy's in the back (why ?).

Nice lightshow... NOT !

Lively atmosphere on stage, they seem to get on really well and lively atmosphere in the pit as all songs are welcomed with cheers. Many people around me know all the lyrics.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (not in that order)

Songs are sounding, for some of them, pretty good but they have too many average songs to make this show a really good one. They did a couple of covers , one from Bob Dylan and one from The Velvet Underground, if I get it right, plus a song from Ben that was welcomed with open arms.( see setlist for details ).It looks like most of the audience came to see him.
They also did a couple of instrumentals.

With just one record they've done a long set as they've almost played for 2 hours (1H50)
Nice ending as the four of them came down the front to sing it without microphone.

Joined by the beauty...

Overall good show but it could have been so much better with... better songs.

Here are a few videos from YouTube: "Fistful of Mercy", "In the sun", "Please me like you want it", Other videos from the show HERE

Just hope that Ben Harper will be back with Relentless 7 as soon as possible as they did a GREAT album last year and a GREAT Tour (see Review with Pics , Video & setlist of their shows @ Arras Main Square with Pearl Jam on July 3rd 2010, @ Cigale on April 20 2009 , private show @ Studio SFR on April 25 2009 & Fnac store Signing session on April 27 2009).

Setlist & Merchandising

Schedule & Photography release

Yo !

Have a look at the Photography Release, It really made me laugh when I read it.[ see 3) & 6) ] Who the hell is gonna sign that shit.
Who the Fuck do they think they are ? The Rolling Stones !!!
Hey guys do you think that we're gonna sign our life away for ya ?