Monday, November 8, 2010

Gregory & The Hawk + Les Shelleys + Snailhouse @ Oliver Peel session, Paris Nov 07 2010

Gregory & The Hawk + The Shelleys + Snailhouse
@ Oliver Peel session, Paris Nov 07 2010

Gregory And The Hawk is Meredith Godreau

Couldn't attend the last Oliver Peel session on Oct 24, I went to see Robert Plant @ Palais des Sports.(click for review setlist, Pics & video)
Glad to be back, the place is packed and tonight there are 3 artists:
First to play is the tiny Meredith from New York aka Gregory & The Hawk, she's on her own with an acoustic or a small harp, she has a tiny voice and is playing... guess what ? Folk music
Cool starter.
some of the faces and All stars @ Oliver's

After some much needed sandwiches and drinks we have the duet Les Shelleys from Los Angeles with Tom Brosseau & Angela Correa.
I already saw Tom live in Paris when he opened for PJ Harvey/ John Parish @ Bataclan. for two shows (Here's the second one) in 2009
They're doing re-workings of american traditionnal songs à la Franck & Nancy or June Carter & Johnny Cash with just an acoustic guitar for Tom and hand-clapping for Angela, both singing great harmony vocals.

Les Shelleys
my new assistant ,who's trying to hide behind the table, is improving everyday (far right)


Headlining is Canadian band Snailhouse with guitar player Mike Feuerstack from the Indie rock band Wooden Star.
is more of a solo project by Mike than a real band, he's playing acoustic tonight with a percussionist and a bass player. Nice harmony vocals
Typical Folk-rock even though their record is much more pop-rock sounding a bit like Tom Petty , absolutely not obvious on video here
Great show

Then still more food and drinks, Ollie & Sarah played a song for the "Aftershow"

Olie (far left)/ Sarah Jeanne (left) / The cat is getting sexually harrassed, what is doing Brigitte Bardot ? / Isn't she lovely (far right)


nice set