Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Skunk Anansie @ Nouveau Casino, Paris Sept 8 2010

Skunk Anansie @ Nouveau Casino, Paris
OUI FM private show Sept 8 2010

C'est la rentrée for french rock radio OUIFM with their first concert for the season and we're lucky to get Skunk Anansie @ the tiny Nouveau Casino ( 500 capacity) in the Menilmontant district.
Funnily Skunk Anansie have a brand new record out " Wonderlustre" on Sept 13, what a coincidence, Isn't it !
Skunk Anansie already played in Paris not so long ago ( On August 27 ) @ the Rock en Seine festival ( Click for video & pics from this show).

You probably guess it was a OUI FM radio show ;-)

Here @ ROCKERPARIS we like what they are doing so we're glad to see them again, this time not in front of 30 000 people but in an intimate setting in front of a selected audience of less than 500 guests & competition winners.
One of the best pop-heavy rock band.
Lots of photographers tonight for this showcase, the whole first row and some others are in the back.
As it's a promotional gig for the new album we have lots of new songs performed for the first time live ( so she says) ans a few oldies.
Lots of bass for us as we're standing in front of Cass (the bass player), this guy's a killer ( he also played with Gary Moore a few years ago).
Skin as usual is doing the show, her voice is perfect. Incredible she hasn't changed for these last 15 years.Can't tell the difference between now and how she was looking back then.
The whole gig was video recorded by the band specially one song to illustrate the new single (" Over the love") so Skin had to go backstage for a couple of minutes for make up.
Conditions were perfect down the front as the club wasn't packed and there were lots of girls around me.
Great 70 min show.
setlist & did I tell you it was a OUi Fm show ?

The new single " My ugly boy" :

Cool !