Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gossip +Ssion @ Bataclan Nov 15th 2009

Gossip & Ssion @ Bataclan Paris
1st show Nov 15th 2009

3 SOLD-OUT shows @ Bataclan ( 1400 Capacity ) for Gossip.
Tonight is the first gig.
It's a VERY gay friendly audience, so many girls unfortunately most of 'em are lesbians.

Then Gossip , i've seen them MANY times these last few years including two shows in September ( Le Mouv' & Oui FM private gigs ; click for review Pics & Video ).
They haven't change these last 2 months.

Same show with probably the same setlist: ( From Oliver Peel )
01: Dimestore Diamond
02: Pop Goes The World
03: 2012
04: Waves
05: Yr Mangled Heart
06: Men In Love
07: Fire /Sign
08: Love Long Distance
09: 8th Wonder
10: Four Letter Word
11: Yesterday's News
12: Heavy Cross

13: What's Love Got To Do With It (Tina Turner Cover)
14: Standing In The Way Of Control
15: We Are the Champions (Queen Cover)

We're all sweating like pigs it's so hot in here almost like in summer time ( The Bataclan is famous for having no AC at all ). She dropped her dressed mid-show. ( See video below )

Beth is talking a lot to the audience , giving away lots of bottles of water , the audience in the pit is really into it singing and dancing. Nice atmosphere.
Lots of press too as there are several cameras recording the whole show from the mixing desk.

Beth went to sing into the pit, going to the back of the venue to the bar and return.
Short gig ( 70 min ? ) but it was as hot as hell.

Live @ Bataclan :