Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gossip @ Nouveau Casino OUI FM radio show Paris Sept 11th 2009

GOSSIP @ Nouveau Casino Paris
Private OUI FM radio show
Sept 11th 2009

Beth with french OUI FM DJ Linda Lorin behind her clapping.

Gossip is doing lots of promo in Paris , 2 days ago they've played for Le Mouv' rock radio and did a tv show for Canal+ : " Le grand Journal " playing one song live.
Yesterday they recorded "Taratata" tv Show and tonight they're doing another radio show for the other rock radio in Paris OUI FM broadcasted live on the air.
They did exactly the same setlist as 2 days ago playing for around 50 min with the exception of an encore consisting of Tina Turner 's " What 's love got to do with it" HERE on video.
Cool dance-rock gig once again with Beth doing the show.

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Nice dog honey

Tina Turner 's " What's love got to do with it":