Monday, December 26, 2011

ROCKERPARIS' Top 20 rock concerts for 2011 ! (Part 2)

ROCKERPARIS' Top 20 Concerts for 2011 (Part 2)
-NOT in order-

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Jeff Beck / BCC/ Crosby & Nash

11) Jeff Beck @ Grand Rex July 1st: First time we were seeing him live, Yes can you believe it ?
Amazing guitar player.

12) Black Country Communion
@ Bataclan July 19: our last show before the holidays and great performance by Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa. A great band

13) Crosby & Nash @ Olympia Oct 14: I never thought this show would be so good without Steven Stills on guitar. In our Top 3 this year, everyone I talked to after the gig thought that they nailed it. What a great back catalogue.

14) Alice Cooper @ Zénith Nov 08: (Part 2 ) Whatever you can think of his latest releases (including "Welcome to my Nightmare II") Alice Cooper is always doing a very theatrical performance with LOTS of hits. He's on top form. Glad to see that Steve Hunter is back in the band. Same show as the one he did this summer @ Montereau Festival on June 10 (Part 2).

Scorpions/Lana Del Rey/ Alice Cooper

15) Lana Del Rey @ L'Album de la Semaine Nov 23: New pop sensation Lana Del Rey for a special TV show @ Canal+. We heard so much about her we needed to check what the fuss was all about. Great songs, she's hot as hell, great voice too and after we met her we all fell in love she 's very nice. Looking forward for the album out next January.

16) Scorpions @ Bercy Nov 23: Not the best show (and the best setlist) we've seen them performed as there were too many ballads. They've decided to stop their career at the top of their game. Nice to see them back in a sold-out Bercy.Lien
Lenny Kravitz/ Paul McCartney

17) Lenny Kravitz @ Bercy Nov 29: Well, you wonder what is this fucking poser doing here ? His latest show was a great surprise, he's still acting like a fucking diva on stage but some of the songs he performed tonight were really steaming and during last song he crossed the pit and went into the stalls for a whole tour of Bercy in the middle of the crowd for a good 10 min. That was fun.

18) Paul McCartney @ Bercy Nov 30: (some more here) Once again Paul is at the top of the hill. Almost a 3 hour show with lots of gems from The Beatles and Wings plus some solo stuff. Some surprises as well with "Come & get it" "1985" and special songs just for Paris "Michelle" & "San Francisco bay" only performed tonight.

19) and 20)
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