Thursday, July 21, 2011

Moriarty + Aaron @ Festival Fnac Live @ Parvis Hotel de Ville, Paris July 22 2011

Moriarty + Aaron @ Festival Fnac Live Day 1
Parvis Hotel de Ville, Paris July 21 2011

Every year in July we have some free concerts, 2nd year in front of the Hotel de Ville in Paris, it used to be nearby by the river but I guess the location was getting too small for the crowd as it was successful. It has lost its charm but there is twice more people.
We get there to see Moriarty as it was running a bit late ( and we were early) we catch Asaf Avidan & the Mojos' last two songs. That was OK
We like Moriarty's country-Folk -Rock, they did a short 45 min set.
they have some goods songs and when they're not goofing around too much they are very enjoyable.
Nice gig.

After a short break, we have French band Aaron, the singer's attracting all the lovely girls down the front and we won't complain.
We just heard their single on the radio, it's OK

At last we have a French band that is working à l'Americaine : They are singing in English , they pay attention to their look ( meaning they don't dress like shit), They have a great light show and the singer knows how to play with the audience.
Musically they are like a French Archive or Coldplay: not really the kind of music we're listening to but they were good.

We had a good time it was free and it's almost walking distance from home.
What more could we ask ?