Friday, December 17, 2010

-M- @ Paris Bercy 2 Part 1, Dec 16 2010 with guests Sean Lennon & Johnny Hallyday

-M- with guests The Goastt & Johnny Hallyday
@ Paris Bercy 16 Dec 2010
This is Part 1
Part 2 (click on link or scroll down this page)

-M- feat. The Goastt feat. Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp-Muhl

What about a review ?
-M- aka Matthieu Chédid is a great guitar player and composer, he's playing on stage for quite a long time , more than 2h30 min.
I Know he's a nice guy but he's playing a character on stage : -M- ,see how he's dressed up but it's from time to time a bit annoying.
There's always something happening on stage with dancers etc... but I think he should concentrate on the music and cut 30 min off his set to make it more powerfull.

Jimi Hendrix is in da house

Many people were complaining that Axl Rose (from Guns N Roses) is taking a break every 3 songs , well -M- is doing the same and nobody's complaining.
After just 3-4 songs he's going into the audience in the stall to the very back of the venue to play some guitar which is amazing he's running so fast that the poor guy from security is always running after him.
-M- is also playing on a catwalk for a few songs ( see video below) he's interacting a lot with the audience ( maybe too much as it tends to be annoying in the end).
He's welcoming Sean Lennon & friends twice during the set and once again we have french Elvis Johnny Halliday on one song who is much more confortable with it than yesterday.
It's a good show but 30 min should be cut off from the set.

With Johnny Hallyday

In da Pit for a Medley: