Sunday, September 5, 2010

PollyAnna & Boo Hoo + Friends @ Oliver Peel Session, Paris Sept 4 2010

Pollyanna + Boo Hoo & friends @ Oliver Peel Session
Paris Sept 4 2010

First Oliver Peel session for the new season , even though everybody's back from holiday , Oliver & Cécile are having a laid back session. The weather's still sunny and hot but thankfully it's not overcrowded.
First is French baby girl Pollyanna for some ... folk music in front of a dedicated audience.
Acoustic , a couple of songs on the banjo and in the end a little help from her fiends on guitar and violin.
Here on video:

Sorry for the lousy recording.
Part of the audience, Pollyanna seems happy with her performance & part of the food ( bottles out of Pic )

Then we have German duet Boo Hoo for some more folk music. Mostly the man alone on vocals & guitar with some help on vocals by his German lady and a bit of keyboards for the finale.
Entertaining once again: cool music and some funny lyrics too.
Sorry no video

some of the beauties of tonight's session from Germany, Denmark, UK... and France

As we couldn't get enough, we had an aftershow party with the chosen few late at night with a couple more songs from Pollyanna ( covering French folk band Malicorne) and some more songs by her friends.
Nice party !

Boo Hoo selling merchandising & A/S session

Dozens of great Pics from bands & audience on Oliver Peel's flickr ( click on link)