Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ozzy Osbourne @ Bercy, Paris Sept 20 2010

Paris Sept 20 2010
Nice to see Ozzy back in Paris ...at Last !!
Fucking hell, It's been sooo many years.

Last time OZZY played in Paris was at the tiny Cigale for his "Farewell Tour". He never came back even with Black sabbath.
He cancelled a show in 1995 or 1998 because of poor sales, only 2000 tickets sold for the Zénith (capacity 6500).
tonight it could have been cancelled too, 1) because he hurt his back a few days ago 2) Once again because of poor sales; even with Danko Jones and Korn opening , only 6000 tickets were sold tonight.
There were competitions everywhere ( websites, radios...) to win tix for this one.
As you can see on the Pics Bercy is half empty and the stage is almost halfway through the pit.
Can't talk about Korn we only saw the last 5 min and it sounded like shit.

Great beginning with " Bark at the moon", then it's the new single, the only song from "Scream", Glad there's only one song from the new album , Once again it's a complete crap album.
So we have all the hits .
He's still acting funny on stage, a bit like seeing your grand-father on stage, the voice is Ok.

SETLIST: (click for videos)
Bark at the moon, Let me hear you scream, Mr Crowley, I don't know, Fairies wear boots, Suicide solution,War Pigs, Shot in the dark, Rat Salad( with Guitar & drum solo),Iron man, Killer of Giants, I don't want to change the world,Crazy train Encore 1: MamaI'm coming home, Paranoid Encore 2: Flying high again, Into the Void.
The first rows took many showers for free as he dropped buckets of water all over them, he 's also using a firehose. Good point as I've never seen so many dirty, smelly fat cunts down the front.
Probably one of the reason I always sit down in the stalls at a Heavy metal concert, anyway it's OZZY, I couldn't sit on my ass for the whole gig, I needed to be down the front.
the new guitar player's really good.
The stage (apart from being very low) is kept to a minimum no screens like in the UK maybe it was our punishment for not filling up bercy.
We had a long guitar solo/ Instumental / Drums solo in the middle then Ozzy came back to sing more of his hits including a few ballads.

Compare to the other shows on this tour the set was pretty long ( 1h50 min) and we were treated with an extra Encore after "Paranoid"

Really good show.
Completely wrong setlist & merchandising

Working Pass & merchandising

Here's one from Black Sabbath: