Thursday, September 30, 2010

Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumkins @ A Tout Livre book store in Paris, Sept 30 2010

updated Oct 2nd with new links to videos
Contact: irockinparis((@))yahoo((dot))fr

Billy Corgan
& Claire Fercak @ A Tout Livre book-store
Paris , Av Daumesnil, Sept 30 2010
A dedicated audience of less than 200.

Billy Corgan is in Paris to promote a book he co-wrote with french girl Claire Fercak.
Yesterday night he played one song "Spangled" @ France 3 tv show " Ce soir ou jamais".
Scroll down this page to view video of performance
Tonight he's @ " A Tout Livre" book-store on Avenue daumesnil for a musical-reading.
A small crowd is gathering in front of the closed door of the store , Billy is already in doing an interview for rock & folk mag.
8:30PM doors are opening.
You had to book in advance on first-come first-serve basis.
Less than 200 people here in a cool and relax atmosphere.
First they started with the book reading ( click for short video) in french by Claire with acoustic guitar provided by Billy Corgan. It lasted 40 min+

Billy & Claire during the " Lecture Musicale"

Then Billy Corgan played 8 songs on acoustic guitar ( see picture for setlist)including a brand new song ( here on video) that he wrote a few days before and that is performed for the first time ever.

SETLIST: (click for videos)
Stich in Time (new link)
Song for a son
Freak (new link)
In the arms of sleep
To sheila
Jesus needs a hit (new song performed for the first time ever)
Tonight tonight (new link sorry for quality)

This lovely evening ended with a signing session of the book "Chants magnétiques" or records for the fans.
Billy was nice and chatty to everyone all along these 2 hours, making jokes about French Rockers Johnny Hallyday and Plastic Bertrand.

Great moments with Billy in such an intimate setting, we're lucky bastards once again.
setlist & signing session
New song "Jesus needs a hit":

Performed for the first time ever.

Another video of the reading :

feat Billy & Claire