Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Band Of Skulls + The Good Ones @ Fleche d'Or, Paris Sept 22 2010

Band of Skulls + The Good Ones @ Fleche d'Or
Paris Sept 22 2010

Nice to be back at the Fleche d'Or. It seems that gigs in this club is getting more expensive for the new season, it used to be 8 euros with a free drink, now ( at least for this concert) it's 10 euros (+ booking fees) and NO drink.
We can't complain we were invited.
The weather has been wonderful for the last few days , today being the hottest and it's almost as hot in there as @ the Bataclan.
I suspect they have switched off the AC to sell more drinks.
Anyway first band on stage are Frenchies Indie rock band The Good Ones, they've done a very decent set. we couldn't hear the guitar that much as we were staying next to the bass player , all we could hear was some good & loud bass.
It seems that The White Stripes are a major influence to many bands these days so they ended their set with a WS' cover.
Nice starter even tough they should work a bit more on some of their songs.
setlist The Good Ones
Then we have Band of Skulls a power trio of heavy blues rock ( à la White Stripes ?).
The place is packed as the Fleche d' Or have sold their last tickets on the door.
I can't remember seeing them before but as they've done a KILLER set, I would have remember them if I had seen them already
The kind of music that here at ROCKERPARIS we LOVE.
Some heavy guitars with lots of distortion, a bit of blues and a sexy side with a cute (female) bass player, too bad she was on the other side of the stage.
They didn't play that long: 65 min for 12 songs. You could tell they've done a very good job by seeing the smile the audience had when they left the hot & sweaty Fleche d'Or.
Don't miss them next time they will be playing in Paris
Setlist Band of Skulls

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