Thursday, October 16, 2008

Christophe , Julien Doré & Phoebe Killdeer @ Pont des Artistes Paris Oct 15th 2008

" Le Pont des Artistes " on France Inter radio
with Phoebe Kiildeer , Julien Doré and Christophe.

Radio recording of the show that will be broadcast on saturday the 18th at 8 PM

Each artist performing after one another ( 1 or 2 songs ) followed by interviews.
Phoebe and Julien played 5 songs each , Christophe played 8 songs

Phoebe Kiildeer
Check her myspace page here :

Julien Doré
He is a french singer winner of French Pop Idol and he's trying to get a credibility.

He started in the mid-60's and is a bit of an icon over here in France.
Aftershow with Phoebe & Christophe

Full setlist signed by Christophe to our fellow photographer Patrice

Nice 2 hour recording in this lovely studio, each artist performed nice sets including Pop Idol winner Julien Doré, Christophe and Phoebe Kiilldeer were good too. Recording started late as they were late doing soundchecks , it seemed that Christophe was, in fact late and hard to work with but the most interesting parts were the interviews between songs, Phoebe seemed a little bit lost here , even though her french is perfect ( she's australian ). There was tension in the air at the beginning and with what Christophe and Julien said, it was like being in the Twilight zone.
After the show , we met the singers , they were nice and chatty to everybody.

I'll post videos of each artist after the broadcast on saturday so stay tuned ...

Check the review of another "Pont des Artistes" with Keziah jones.

Nice day, as i spent, just before going to France Inter, 90 min with American actor Dennis Hopper ( Easy Rider , Appocalypse Now , Blue Velvet ... ) , here in Paris to promote his Exhibition at the French Cinémathèque .