jeudi 1 mai 2014

The Black Keys @ Studio de la Grande Armée for OUI FM, Paris May 1st 2014

The Black Keys @ Studio de la Grande Armée for OUI FM, Paris May 1st 2014
On this very quiet May 1st Labour Day we're not demonstrating in the Streets of Paris. We prefered to stay in bed very late and have a drink at the top of the Hyatt Regency hotel on the 33rd floor with a nice view over Paris despite the shitty weather.
Why this hotel ? Simply because The BLACK KEYS are playing a very private concert on the ground floor of this building in the famous Studio de la Grande Armée for OUI FM.
We already saw FRANZ FERDINAND(click for review) in this very same place a few weeks ago
We've already attended many exclusive concerts but this one is probably one of the more intimate with only 100 people, most of them record Cie executives & friends and a few competition winners from french radio OUI FM.
So intimate that I can almost touch the drum kit. 
The band is on time 20:08 pm Patrick on the left and Dan on the right with a couple of additional guys in the back on bass and keys/backing vocals.
Needless to tell you that conditions are perfect and so is the sound.
The audience is very quiet, like hypnotized... the band is playing a couple of new songs from the new album "Turn Blue" including brand new single "Fever" that is sounding SO MUCH better Live that on the record. New songs are a bit like the songs from "El Camino", they've  played a couple from that one too.
The band is tight and focus on their job, no communication with the audience apart for a "Thank You" at the end. Probably a 6-7 songs (can't remember) set for a mere 22 min concert.
Nice to see them in such an intimate place but I guess they could have played a bit longer...

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