Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kim Fowley @ Agnes B, Paris April 12 2012

Kim Fowley @ Agnes B, Paris April 12 2012

Kim Fowley & Snow Mercy

American record producer, impresario, publisher, songwriter, musician, film maker, talent scout... Kim Fowley is in Paris to play a show @ Eglise St Merry but before that he's at Agnes B store for a signing session with his missus the sexy Snow Mercy.

He did an interview for German-French tv Arte and the whole signing session was recorded as well as the photo session outside the store for the "Tracks" tv show.
The guy's a real character and actor and knows how to entertain the audience, that was fun to spend a moment with such a music legend.

Agnes B Goodie bag with poster & 3 cds (right)

Thanks to Agnes B store who gave us a goodie "Rough trade" bag with a cd by Kim Fowley & a 2cd compilation of the Sonic Protest Fest.
Eugene Mc Guinness dj set

Later we had a DJ set by Miles Kane's guitar player Eugene Mc Guinness, who's also a solo artist.