Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Peter Doherty @ Olympia, Paris March 21 2012

Peter Doherty @ Olympia, Paris March 21 2012
For "Rock The Gibus". Master of ceremony Philippe Manoeuvre
with The Marginals, Big Money makers, Big Dist Allstars, Sex Assets & Waste Management
"Rock the Gibus" @ Olympia tonight, this is the final of the competition for french rock bands that started at the Gibus club in Paris a while ago, 2 of them have been selected after numerous scouting in clubs around France and each one is playing 4 songs tonight: only one winner.
Nina Hagen who was supposed to headline has cancelled yesterday and Peter Doherty has been asked for help.

We were a bit late as ROCKERPARIS is not only dealing with Rock'n Roll but also with Diplomacy (We sometimes have to work) as we had to attend a party at the UNESCO in Paris to promote The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic from the Russian Federation. I've never seen people fighting so much to get to the buffet even though they were all diplomats or ambassadors, funny, specially when the food was from the country and awful. Anyway we attended a very beautiful show at the end, the costumes were terrific and Yakutian female dancers very sexy.

MC PhilMan / Big Money Makers / Big Dist Allstars

We've missed the first band The Marginals and just in time to see MC Philippe Manoeuvre introducing Big Money Makers. They were quite good for a french band but there's still a huge gap with English or American band from the same age.
Hard to believe but the Balcony is half empty (or half full) and you could do some bicycle in the pit downstairs that is 2/3 empty, so probably just a few hundred rockers in this 2500 capacity theater.
Then we had Big Dist Allstars, much more heavy à la Rage Against the Machine, not bad too.
Last band, if I understood well, was just a guest and were pretty average.
Sex Assets & Waste Management / The Jury / The Winners: Big Money makers

After another short intermission , the jury, some boring old farts, have decided that the winner is Big Money Makers, funny that we were handed flyers for their EP on our way out, they already have sponsors like Deezer, iTunes, Facebook, Amazon so there's probably big money to support them. So I guess the fact that they ere the winners is no surprise for the big oils.

Peeeete !

Anyway who gives a shit as we are here for Nina Hagen...sorry Peter Doherty who's playing an acoustic show.
We've already seen him a thousand times in clubs playing acoustic, this one was no different, not better or badder.
On stage for less than an hour , no encore, same as usual.
Don't ask me for the setlist, he played his hits ("What a waster, Tell the king, unbilotitled"...) , a bit of a Georges Brassens song ("Les Copains d'abord").
I guess Nina Hagen would have been more fun.
Another Nice night out !
I'm just wondering tonight: where are the rock teenagers gone ?
Peter wondering where has his audience gone

Duet with Marie Flore:

Peter @ We Love Green Festival 2011
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