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Crosby & Nash @ Olympia, Paris Oct 14 2011

Crosby & Nash @ Olympia, Paris Oct 14 2011

Crosby & Nash are back in Paris for the first time since their show @ Casino de Paris in 2005.
Of course we saw them last year with CSN in this very same théatre ( scroll down for links to previous reviews).
We've always prefered CSN to C&N but we're not too sure after seeing tonight's performance.
They opened the first set with a great rendition of The Byrds' "Eight Miles High".
The sound is terrific, it's like listening to your stereo at home, we have some nice seats, 4th row on the right on David's side.
These guys might be (very) old they still have the same voice.Incredible.
David is on top form tonight making lots of jokes between songs, there are also lots of very serious talks on politics and nuclear energy.
All along the show to keep things interesting the band is alternating classics and more recent songs, Crosby songs and Nash songs, acoustic and electric, full band or just the duet ... so it's always something different.
The first set is 60 min long then we have a intermission.
After this first part, all the audience is rushing to the merchandising stall to get a card so they can download, next week on the official website, tonight's show.(25 Euros).

The second part of the show will be as terrific as the first one.
More classics are played, they do have a fantastic guitar player Shayne Fontaine that is taking Steven Stills guitar parts when needed. Reproducing his sound and soli perfectly.
James Raymond , David's son, is on keys and backing vocals; Kevin McCormick that they stole for Jackson Browne's band is on bass; Steve DiStanislao on drums and vocals.
Hard to get things wrong with such a tight band and so many fantastic songs.

The end of the gig is stunning with "Cathedral"-"Deja Vu"-"Military Madness"-"Wooden Ships"-( with terrific soli by each member) and last :"Teach your children" (see full setlist below)
When they are leaving the stage , they've been on for 2h30 min, it felt like just an hour.

One of our best gig for 2011.

"Our House":

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