Monday, June 20, 2011

Dark dark dark @ Black Session, c'est Lenoir, paris June 20 2011


Dark Dark Dark @ C'est Lenoir - Black Session, Paris Monday May 20th 2010

The last Black Session of the season (and maybe ever... as Frederic Lenoir told us) is welcoming the American band Dark Dark Dark. Their music is often described as "chamber-folk" but we would rather call it "rock-musette".
The sound is perfect, not too loud, and we could really enjoy the show as we had very comfortable seats in the front raw (and lots of handsome men in the audience...)
One girl and five guys on stage. They're playing piano, drums, accordion, banjo, clarinet, bass and cello. They do not so much address the audience but there is a real feeling between them and that's also someting they share with us. Nona Marie Invie has a really beautiful warm voice and I like Marshall LaCount's attitude on stage.

Very good one hour set with sadly-entertaining-fucking-good songs (well... as far as I can tell with my lack of gig-experience)

We'd like to thank the adorable Miss Albion for the tix and the amazing Oliver Peel for this nice musical evening spent with him.

Review : Mylo Flower (Assistant AND Reporter)