Saturday, May 14, 2011

Une Nuit au Musée 2011 (Night at the Museum), Paris May 14 2011

La Nuit des Musées in Paris, May 14 2011
Cité de l'Architecture & Orangerie
Cité de l'Architecture

Away once again from the Rock'n Roll world, after having a Brunch @ 104 with American writter Jim Harrison last week.
We've planned a night out at the Museum, First was the Cité de L'Architecture where it is display mouldings of Churches' pediment and statues from Goth and Renaissance.
Some of it are huge and the copies are perfectly executed, they look like real ones but everything is fake. They also have small models of churches and Cathedrals that are breathtaking.
We wanted to registered to visit some of its rooms with a torchlight but it was sold-out so we just visited the museum. A Must see.
Orangerie workshop, Girls rule.

We have booked a workshop a couple of weeks for tonight @ Musée de l' Orangerie where is Les Nymphéas from Monet. We've already been to the Monet exhibition @ Grand Palais a couple of months ago, it was great but Les Nympheas are not as impressive.
After the visit with a guide we went to the workshop to try to do our best by painting our own Nymphéas, the girls ( Miss F, Miss R & Miss B) were the best and took it very seriously.
I've discover true artists when they're not talking about Louboutin shoes, perfume,fashion and so on...
I was more impressed by Soutine's colourful paintings in the adjacent rooms (see pic above).

Great night out until we went to the Marché St Honoré and to the worst restaurant we've ever been to : Le Zinc d'Honoré. Never seen such a piece of shit, Awful !