Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Timber Timbre @ C'est Lenoir- Black session, Paris May 02 2011

Timber Timbre @ C'est Lenoir - Black session #327
Paris May 02 2011
billboards near the Eiffel Tower & setlist

Strange session with Timber Timbre and their dark folk-blues-rock.
The girl on the left on violin & keys , the singer, dead center on guitar and percussion, the guitar player & other instruments on the right.
Most of the songs are slow, dark & the singer has a low voice.
Not the kind of music we're used to @ Black Session but interesting nevertheless.
You really need to be into that kind of music to appreciate it.
So mixed emotions.
The singer is moody as he went to see someone seating on the first row and we really thought he was about to punch him in the face as he was probably taking Pics (No it wasn't Patrice LOL)

We already noticed that these guys are moody as they were supposed to play a showcase @ Fnac Store before their gig @ Maroquinerie in February and they didn't play because they were tired and didn't seem to bother... and they didn't want people to take pics.