Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Warren Haynes @ Bataclan , Paris june 23 2010

GOV'T MULE @ Bataclan
Paris June 23 2010
Warren Haynes is back in Paris, last time he played at the tiny Trabendo, now it's the Hot & Sweaty Bataclan strangely enough it's not sold-out.
Johnny Gallagher opened the show but we were too late to see him.
Early start as Govt Mule is taking the stage @ 8:15 PM
As you can guess it was a guitar festival for more than 2 hours, I only have one album so I'm not really familiar with all the songs but believe me baby ! It was guitar, Guitar ... and more guitar.

Warren played a mix of bluesy rock tunes streched out to more than 15 min for some of them with also had a very long jazz-rock instrumental that probably lasted more than 20 min.
That's cool with us as we're guitar fanatics.
The band is usually playing over two sets with a short intermission in between but as the Bataclan has a strict curfew we only one ( long) set .
The poor Warren is sweating buckets so we are.
The gig ended in the nicest way with a cover of The Doors' " When the music's over".
Setlist & pass-sheet