Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Steven Tyler in Paris June 28 2010

Contact : irockinparis((@))yahoo(dot)fr

June 28 2010

Steven Tyler & painting, A girl's ass sign by Steven

Aerosmith is already in Paris.
They will be playing tomorrow night (June 29) @ Paris Bercy
Robert Trujillo from Metallica is also in Paris.

Other news:
Nous productions & Green Day are looking for the girl ( Melissa ? Alisson ? ) who sung with Green Day on Longview (click to watch this ROCKERPARIS video)@ Parc des Princes in Paris
contact : contact@nousproductions.com or ROCKERPARIS.

I've been told that IRON MAIDEN will play 2 shows in Paris Bercy in February 2011.
Not confirmed yet.

Dont believe all the shit regarding French rock band TELEPHONE getting back together & playing several shows @ Stade de France. It is COMPLETE BULLSHIT.
I wish it was true but it's NOT.
There has been an official statement from Jean Louis Aubert denying this.