Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eumir Deodato Rehearsals @ Duc des Lombards, Paris June 1st 2010

Eumir Deodato @ Duc des Lombards club
Rehearsals 6:00PM
Paris June 1 2010

Brasilian composer & arranger Eumir Deodato is playing the Duc des Lombards, a small club in the heart of Paris, tonight ( June 1st) for two shows at 8:00PM & 10:00 PM.
He will also play two shows tomorrow ( June 2nd).
Unfortunately ROCKERPARIS is very busy this week so we can't go but could attend the rehearsals this afternoon.
Eumir has released two masterpieces of cool music , his first two solo albums, I'm sure that you're familiar to a couple of songs without knowing that he's the man behind those songs.
Very relax atmosphere as always with Eumir, we are glad to attend these rehearsals in small committee.
His shows are always groovy so don't miss him, I think there are still tickets left for tomorrow HERE