Friday, June 18, 2010

Bon Jovi Part 1 @ Paris Bercy June 16 2010

BON JOVI Part 1 @ Paris Bercy
June 16 2010

Part 2 (scroll down or click)

Sorry, it's coming late as I had lots of problems with my computer and i'm also very busy these days.

This show in Bercy is not Sold-out,Bon Jovi have never been very successful over here, well... not as much as in the USA or UK ( they're playing twelve shows at the O2 Arena in London).
Nevertheless the arena is packed , there's even people behind the stage like in the USA, a dollar is a dollar.
Same shit as at the O2 Arena Bon Jovi is taking advantage of fans' loyalty by charging silly prices to be in the small pit down the front.
We ARE standing there but thankfully to our photographer's Patrice Guino and his contacts we are guests, Thanks mate.

It's a small pit for 300 people and it's far from being full, lots of girls most of them foreigners and the view is stunning.We're just in front of Ritchie.

Last time we saw Bon Jovi was probably 15 years ago , they haven't changed, still looking the same. These guys are aging well.

Great start with "Blood on Blood", then it's a Best of Setlist ( it's in Part 2 for details).

The stage is really small so they're not moving a lot but Jon is a great american entertainer, he knows his job perfectly.
Makes me think of Bruce " The boss" by the way he's acting on stage.
I haven't listen to any of their records for the last 15 years as well but the classics are real gems, custom made for stadiums and audience participation with lots of " yeahh", "oohh" & " aaahh".
Great to hear those songs for "New Jersey" I'm 15 again.

Ritchie lost lots of weight since last year and is looking really good ( on the MSG dvd he's soooo fat), the others are stuck in the back : David on Keys, the bass player is not allowed to move an inch (well almost) same for the guy who's helping out on vocals & guitar)

Cool version of Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman" : a duet between Jon & the guy on guitar.
Ritchie is also singing one on his own :" Lay your hands on me"

There's a small acoustic set on the catwalk just in front of the main pit: first with Jon & Ritchie and then Tico & David on accordeon are joining in.

"Let it Rock" was played but was NOT on the setlist, maybe they've done it because the first row had papers requesting it.

With Bon Jovi it's not a 90 min show as they've played for 2h30 min.

Great show !

Hugh Mc Donald on bass