Saturday, June 5, 2010

AIR + Jarvis Cocker @ Cité de la Musique, Paris June 4 2010

AIR + Jarvis Cocker @ Cité de la Musique
Paris June 4 2010

Third concert for AIR @ Cité de la Musique, after playing with Au Revoir Simone on June 1st, after playing their" The Virgin Suicides" soundtrack yesterday (scroll down for review & videos).
Tonight AIR is playing with former PULP singer and currently living in Paris Jarvis Cocker.

Air and Jarvis Cocker have worked together on Charlotte Gainsbourg 's album and Jarvis was the first to play the song " Sexy Boy" on the radio a few years ago when AIR was unknown.
They're starting the gig with a song they wrote for Charlotte( "The Operation") then we will get a mix of Jarvis' song solo ( "disney time") or with Pulp ( " Ladies Man", "This is Hardcore" ).
Most of the songs are mid-tempo and i'm not really familiar with this repertoire so i thought that the show was pretty average.
The most annoying parts were the tentative of Jarvis to introduce each song before it is played, unfortunately his French, even though he's been living here for a few years, is very poor and it was difficult to understand a bloody thing.
Even if he's trying not to show it , you can see that Nicolas is also very annoyed by Jarvis' monologues.

Pulp's"This is hardcore" had an ovation but the audience remained very quiet all along the set.
They ended the concert with their international hit " Sexy Boy" to rousing applauses, at last people woke up for the last song.
This gig was a bit of a let down compare to the perfect interpretation of " The Virgin Suicides" yesterday.


"Sexy Boy" with Jarvis Cocker:

Have a nice week-end !