Thursday, November 5, 2009

Motorhead & Izia @Zénith Paris Nov 4th 2009

Motorhead & Izia @ Zénith
Paris Nov 4th 2009
First on stage is French Janis Joplin called Izia, it could have been a problem to her to open for Motorhead. She did really well with her classic rock band, she's giving it all on stage and get Lemmy's fans eating in her hand.
Then MOTORHEAD, yes Lemmy we know you're Motorhead and you're playing Rock 'n Roll !!!
Nice start with the "Iron Fist" then " Stay Clean".
It's a small Zénith tonight ( 2500 seats ) and it's almost full , quite an achievement as Motorhead played here last year ( Click for review Pics & Video ) and there is nothing to promote today.

Sorry no Pics from our photographer Patrice Guino as this lazy bastard prefered to relax in the stalls.

As usual with Motorhead they always put on a great show , they have so many great songs ( see video of "Going to Brazil" & " Killed by death" ).
Once again they've played a couple of songs from " Another Perfect Day" one of my fav record ending the set with "Overkill"
90 min sharp including encore , not the best show they've done but they are still kicking ass.

Here's " Another Perfect day " from last year :

Going to Brazil & Killed By Death :

Macca's billboard outside the zénith