Monday, November 23, 2009

Black Joe Lewis @ L' Album de la Semaine Paris Nov 23rd 2009

First album for Black Joe lewis & the Honeybears and first time in promo & in concert in Paris.
Nice it's @ L' Album de la Semaine where the conditions are perfect, a selected audience of a 100 people.
Black joe Lewis on guitar & vocals dead center, guitar player and bass player on the right , 3 brass on the left and as usual the drummer in the back.
All dressed in costumes à la Hives; Funny all the guys are white and are all wearing glasses apart from the sax guy who's black with no glasses on.
The music is soulfull 60's style and Black Joe Lewis has the voice of a whyskey "rock 'n roller" drinker. He did drink some between songs but that seemed a bit rehearsed to look cool.
Great groovy songs ( they've played 8 tonight ) with the exception of one lame one.
Even if Black Joe Lewis has a great voice, he lacks charisma , he's not acting like the leader of the pack which he should.

see him LIVE @ L' Album de la Semaine ( click for video from show )

As soon as they left the stage Who style , we left the studio to run to Radio France to attend a Black session on France Inter.

Sorry no setlist for this one ( or pics it's verbotten ).