Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Fleshtones @ Nouveau Casino Paris June 26th 2009

Fleshtones @ Nouveau Casino
Paris June 26th 2009

After two sold-out show at the Mécanique Ondulatoire in January of this year ( Show 1 , Show 2 Click on links for Pics & Reviews ) which were fantastic.
The Fleshtones are playing tonight @ the Nouveau Casino, unfortunately we had to wait a couple of friends so we couldn't see support band Kool Clebs.
Fleshtones with their Psyche-surf-garage are burning down the house once again.
The singer's mad , dancing , jumping, screaming and visiting the audience down in the pit.

Lots of fuzz guitar , grooving bass and kicking ass drums.
Songs are played one after another no time to hang around.
As you can see on the pictures the whole band came many times down in the pit to play their songs in front of their fans.
They invited on stage a couple of people including a young girl who 'played ' bass.

The setlist above is inaccurate as they've changed it and added a few songs.
Great set once again , these guys are having fun entertaining us and so we had.