Sunday, October 5, 2008

Patti Smith @ Eglise de Saint Germain des Pres "Nuit Blanche" Paris Oct 4th 2008

Patti Smith and her two children ( Jesse & Jackson )played live all night long @ the church of St Germain des Pres over 5 sets ( yes 5 sets ) lasting between 40 and 50 min starting at 9:30 PM ( Oct 4th ) last one 4 AM ( Oct 5th ) . Guest was actor Micheal Pitt playing guitar.
She was supposed to read some poetry from St François d' assise but in fact it wasn't that at all.
It was a proper concert from Patti smith.
So don't believe all the shit you read in the press, even this morning, saying she improvised all night , not true at all she did it on a couple of songs no more .
David Lynch was there for the first show .

We had the free tickets for the first 2 shows ( 9:30 PM and 11PM ) which we had collected a day earlier then it was first come first serve for the 3 other shows .
Going there we just thought of going to the first one ( and maybe the second ) as she was supposed to read poetry , seeing what we saw for the first gig we came back for the second and after meeting a few friends there thinking the same as us , we stayed for the whole fuckin' night .
YEAH BABE a whole night with Patti Smith
And we've been to all FIVE shows !!!

Jackson Smith 's setlist ( right )

I'll post a proper setlist for all 5 shows later but she performed songs from her repertoire , she just changed a couple of songs from gigs to gigs .
The first 2 sets were 50 min long ( 9 songs ) , then the next two were 40 min long and the last one 45 min finishing around 4: 40 AM.
There wasn't a long break between sets ( 30-40 min ) just the time to have a quick drink a walk around the church to get back in line for the next one . I didn't see the night passing through .
Setlists including : Wing , Southern cross , Ghost dance, dancing barefoot, because the night, people have the power , helpless , Are you experienced plus a few others including a couple referring directly to the events in the lyrics .
SETLIST Set n° 1 : 2 songs ( one is "wing" ), "grateful" ," beneath the southern cross", "Ghost dance", "dancing barefoot", "Helpless", "Because the night", "People have the power" ( 9 songs 50 min )
SETLIST Set n° 2 : " ? " , "grateful", "kimberly", " beneath the southern cross", "dancing barefoot", "helpless", "because the night"," people have the power" ( 9 songs 50 min )
SET n° 3: " wing"," beneath ...","ghost dance" with guests Michael Pitt and ? , "dancing barefoot","because the night" , "people have the power" ( 40 min ) maybe 1 other song ?
SET N°4 : "beneath..."," song written for this event ?" ," river ?", "ghost dance", "are you experienced", "dancing barefoot" , "because the night", "people have the power" (40 min)
Set N° 5 : NOT in order: " impro + my blakean year","helpless", " a song about St Francis ?", "are you experienced" and " people have the power" ending the white night. + other songs 50 min set . Michael Pitt as a guest on guitar for a few tunes.
She messed up a few songs along the night but as we were expecting poetry noboby cared .
All Shows were sold out and many people were turned down , inside the church Preacher Patti was listened to religiously , people standing up only for the last song ( people have the power ) .
The american actor Michael Pitt guesting on guitars and contributing vocals for a few numbers on the last 3 sets .

With Micheal Pitt ( or is it Kurt Cobain ??? )

FANTASTIC " nuit blanche " ( "white night" or " sleepless night " ) with Patti Smith.

Can you believe the shit ? 5 SHOWS IN ONE NIGHT in one of the most wellknown church in the world in the heart of the Latin quarter on the left bank of Paris.

Free daily newspaper -20 Minutes- has used one of Patrice's pictures from that night to illustrate Patti Smith's gigs at the Eglise de St Germain des Pres on their website :

Video to follow :