Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Joan Baez @ Palais des Congres Paris Oct 13th 2008

Joan Baez @ Paris Palais des Congres Oct 13th 2008

It' s SOLD OUT , good news, can't believe she's so popular after all these years and she has a new album to promote :" Day after Tomorrow" released last month .
Of course she's playing the old songs and some new ones ( "god is god" written by Steve Earl, " Rose of Sharon", " scarlet tide" )
This show wouldn't be complete without a political statement , oh ! by the way... she's supporting Obama ( what a surprise ! ) to rousing applause.
she sings with or without a guitar and with or without her band.
She plays a couple of french songs ( can't remember the name of the first one ) and recites one ( with the lyrics sheet ) " Le déserteur" which is a very famous poem in france ( by Boris Vian ) about a guy who doesn't want to go to the war and is writing a letter to the President to tell about his desertion.
Show ended with her classics
Very good show .

Here's the setlist , but i think she played more songs.

Here's a video of the last song played :