Wednesday, October 1, 2008

James Blunt Paris Bercy Oct 1st 2008

BREAKINGS NEWS : DIRTY PRETTY THINGS are no more , they have split up , the English tour will go ahead in October , nothing has been said about other shows in Europe including their concert in Paris in november @the Bataclan.

Ahhh !!! James Blunt, " Le bourreau des coeurs " for all the ladies ...

That's true : lots of girls in the audience tonight ( 70 % ) most of 'em in their twenties .
Quite surprising too , Bercy is full ( but not Sold-out ) for this all seated concert .

Teddy Thompson opened the show with a mixture of slow blues pop songs he has a good voice but it's a bit too slow for me .

James Blunt , the girls love him dearly , so many songs talking about love , well in fact all the songs are talking about love, and when you're singing about love you're not playing Heavy Metal.

So guest what ? a few mid- tempo songs ( at the beginning ) and then lots of slow songs ... way tooooooo slooowww for me . He's playing acoustic guitar, even tough it's hard to hear what he'splaying ( is it plugged ? ) and he's also on the piano .
Every time he's going to one side or another girls are going crazy but not too much, they know how to behave , this is not Tokyo Hotel ...

The high point of the show is when he's leaving the main stage and jumped into the pit to run throught the screaming girls to a second stage at the back of the venue to play a couple of songs on the piano and then run back to the main stage on his own and without security .
Good show but faster songs wouldn't do any harm ...

Here's a video , James playing piano on the small center stage :