Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jacques Higelin @ Studio SFR Paris Oct 22nd 2008

Private showcase @ Studio SFR in Paris to promote a new book on french singer Jacques Higelin by photographer Laurence Leblanc , words by Clémentine Dérouville.

Jacques Higelin with Laurence Leblanc ( left ) and
Clémentine Déroudille ( right )

First there is an interview, well... hard to say it is an interview as Jacques is fooling around all the time, the girls could hardly say a word. Clémentine is laughing but Laurence is clearly pissed off by the situation .
Note: Clémentine is the grand-daughter of famous french photographer Robert Doisneau.
Then, there is the concert : Jacques is still in high spirit and is still fooling around a lot.
He's playing a few songs in between reading his texts including a very long, and unreleased , one ( 15 min ).
First time i was seeing him and he was fun.
It's not really my cup of tea when he's reading texts but when he's playing on guitar or on piano , he's very talented musically ( and lyrically ) .
Good evening but lousy cocktail after.