Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Virgins @ " L' Album de la semaine " Canal+ Paris sept 15th 2008

Promotional gig for french TV show "l 'album de la semaine " Canal+.
The Virgins are promoting their new cd ( released in June )with this gig in front of 120 people in live conditions.
They're from NYC and are an indie band playing a mix of New wave /r'n'b/soul ( that's what they say on their myspace page )
I saw them already a couple of years ago at the Olympia theatre in Paris for a private concert organised by designer Agnes B ( Patti Smith , Sonic Youth , Placebo and others were playing that night ).
The show was OK, nothing special , just another band ...
But they should pay more attention to the way they look , they're really dressed like shit with dodgy t-shirts, sneakers and torn up jeans .
Sorry no pictures or videos for this one ( verbotten )
They just play for 40 min , no encore ; good point so we rush to MERCURY REV which are playing at the other side of Paris for a Black session on "C'est Lenoir".