Monday, September 29, 2008

TV on the Radio @ "L' Album de la semaine" Canal+ Sept 29th 2008

Next Shows :
Martha High will play the Jamel Comedy Club on Oct 3rd ( invit only, sorry )
Metronomy @ Colette Regine's on Oct 4th
Patti Smith @ Eglise St Germain on Oct 4th ( several shows all night long )
Razorlight @ Maroquinerie ( club show, Sold-out ) on Oct 6th
Metronomy @ Club SFR on Oct 9th
Just back from TV show L' album de la semaine . A band is playing live for 150 people .
Tv on the radio tonight to promote their 2nd cd .
Their music is quite strange and hard to describe but interesting as they sound like no one else . unfortunalety there are too much keyboards for me and not enough guitars so it's not really my cup of tea . Nevertheless when the guitars are out they're good but it's not very often. The bass player when he's playing bass (because he's also playing guitars and doing the lead vocals ) has a very heavy-groovy sound.
they were just OK to me .
Setlist ( see picture ) + "golden age" and "love dog" ( twice in that order at the end of the show )

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