Thursday, September 25, 2008

QUEEN + Paul Rodgers @ Paris Bercy Sept 24th 2008

The Whole Band
Great show by QUEEN + Paul Rodgers.

Bercy is very far from being full , there are black curtains in the back and on both sides to cover empty seats . The pit down the front is easy , lots of spaces even in the very first rows so perfect conditions down there , no pushing. Around 9000 people into this 17000 capacity arena.
I'm really not convinced by the new songs including when they are live. Starting the show with a new song is a complete mistake , first beacause not everybody knows it and second it's a "mid-tempo" song.
Roger's solo on drums ( plus the bass-drums thing ) is a little bit long and comes to early into the gig .
Nevertheless even with its weakness the show was nice , the stage's design and lightning is impressive especially the catwalk which is used very often and to great effect.
Lots of costumes changes for Paul & Brian ( see pictures ).
The band's security was a pain in the ass preventing people from taking pictures or recording. What for ?
Paul Rodgers ' voice is one of the greatest and fits perfectly with Queen's songs.
The setlist is great , so many fantastic songs ... and Paul's song were the best , how can you beat " Feel like making love" , "seagull" , " Bad company" or " all right now" ? Even Queen can't ...
Maybe this show needed so more Rocky and up-tempo songs.
Very good show indeed.

The acoustic parts

Drums solo on the catwalk

Setlist: ( from : )
Intro (Cosmos rocks)
01 Surf´s Up … School´s Out!
02 Tie your mother down
03 Fat bottomed girls
04 Another one bites the dust
05 I want it all
06 I want to break free
07 C-lebrity
08 Seagull (Paul solo)
09 Love of my life (Brian solo)
10 '39
11 Roger electric Bass Solo incl Under Pressure/Another One Bites The Dust
12 Drum Solo
13 I'm in love with my car
14 Say it's not true
15 Bad company
16 Feel Like Making Love
17 Guitar solo
18 Bijou
19 Last horizon
20 Crazy little thing called love
21 The show must go on
22 Radio gaga
23 Bohemian rhapsody

24 Cosmos rockin'
25 All right now
26 We will rock you
27 We are the champions
28 God save the queen