vendredi 21 décembre 2012

Royal Republic + Blackfeet Revolution + Sleepers @ Divan du Monde , Paris Dec 22 2012

Royal Republic + Blackfeet Revolution + Sleepers@ Divan du Monde , Paris Dec 22 2012

Blackfeet Revolution

Royal Republic
Last show of the year 2012 for ROCKERPARIS, Oui Fm and "Bring the noise" last free show @ Divan du Monde in Pigalle. 
It's packed with lots of yougsters.
First band is Sleepers from Bordeaux, cool hard-core/Stoner French band. Nice heavy set.

Next is Blackfeet Revolution, a duet: a guy on drums and another one on guitar /Vocals, heavy bluesy band, Black Keys wanabee: fuckin' ridiculous but the kids love it, I guess they don't know how to recognize a proper blues-rock band from a shitty mama's boys band that's trying everything to look and sound cool but which is not.

Last is Royal Republic, a Swedish heavy Metal band another uninspired and useless band with some skills but no talent at all.
Once again the kids love it.
We left before the end.

PS: Congratulations to the Divan du Monde sound engineer , each band had a terrific sound, greasy and not too loud. It was PERFECT, too bad the bands were not up to the level of the sound.