samedi 29 décembre 2012

ROCKERPARIS Top Concerts for 2012- The best, the New, the Old and the worst of 2012

The best shows, The nice surprises and the crap...of 2012

We've been to 150 rock concerts this year and we stayed in Paris for (almost) all of them excluding two shows in Lyon and Strasbourg for Guns N Roses and the Arras Main square Fest with Pearl Jam.

1- BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & The E Street Band.
@ Paris Bercy July 4 & July 5 2012
Without a doubt BRUCE is the BOSS of 2012
2 Fantastic shows @ Paris Bercy Arena, both shows Sold-out with 18000 people screaming like one man. each show lasted more than 3h40 min.
First Tour without the Big Man.
The second show being the best and each time we had a terrific "seat" in da pit down the front.
the video below speaks for itself:

 The celebration for the 50th anniversary were nowhere to be seen and suddenly the Rolling Stones were everywhere, it started with the recording of two songs at the end of August in Suresnes then the band started rehearsing just outside Paris on Oct 1st for more than a month.
They've played one club show @ Trabendo on Oct 25 which was a dream come true: seeing the Stones in a 500 capacity club, Then it was a private show for bankers @ 1500 capacity Theatre Mogador on Oct 29.
The best was yet to come when they invited us at their penultimate rehearsals on Nov 08 another dream come true seeing The Rolling Stones at work for more than 50 min. A "mini-Trabendo" as Mick Jagger called it.

@ L'Album de la Semaine for canal+ April 20, @  Cigale April 22 & RTL radio show on July 03rd
 Not only he had one of the best album of 2012 with "Blunderbuss" but the man is going on Tour with two different bands ( one male band and one female band). We were lucky to get both bands at the Canal+ tv show in front of just 150 people. The Cigale show was terrific, Ice on the cake was a private 30 min showcase for a 100 people at RTL radio in the afternoon of July 03rd.
I'm still wondering why we didn't attend both his shows @ Olympia Hall on July 03 & 04.

4- GUNS N ROSES @ Paris Bercy June 05 , Halle Tony Garnier June10, Zénith Strasbourg June 11
 No matter what the critics are saying, this "Guns N Roses" or Axl Rose's band IS terrific on stage more than 2h30 min on stage lots of great songs including the one from "Chinese Democracy" and AXL on top form.

5- BLUE OYSTER CULT @ Montereau June 09
A classic band , Classic songs even though there are only two original members
Lou Reed opened and was horrible

Then in no particular order:
GRANDADDY @ Rock en Seine
The band was back together & it was our first time for us

METALLICA + The Kills @ Stade de France May 12
Maybe not their best show ( Sonisphere was fantastic with the big Four in 2011) but we were in the pit down the front once again so the view was top. The Kills were booed off stage

IGGY & THE STOOGES @ Casino de Paris
Private show for a beer brand, not really THE Stooges as there is only Iggy from the original line-up but still kicking ass and we went ON stage for this one, our second time as we already went on stage with The Stooges @ Fete de l'Humanité in front of 50 000 people a few years ago.

MILES KANE @ Cigale April 20, @ Arras in June, @ Casino de Paris Jan 30 opening for Arctic Monkeys.
Once again Miles played several shows in Paris promoting his first solo album, each time with class

The Musical Box @ Olympia
Genesis cover band : worst piece of shit I have even seen, nothing to with the band but the music ...
James Iha @ Maroquinerie was a joke

We also had a good time with:
 Chris Cornell solo @ Cigale June 22
Nick Lowe @ New Morning Feb 12
America @ Bataclan March 17
Leon Russell @ New Morning March 19
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers @ Grand Rex June 27
Noel Gallagher @ Grand Rex March 06 & casino de Paris
Imelda may @ Olympia May 11
Pearl Jam @ Arras June 30
ZZ TOP @ Olympia July 27
Steve Miller band @ Olympia Nov 02
Suzanne Vega @ Casino d' Enghien Oct 19
Rich Robinson @ Fargo & Silencio Dec 12

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