lundi 10 décembre 2012

FIDLAR @ Album de la Semaine, Paris Dec 10 2012

FIDLAR @ Album de la Semaine,Canal+  Paris Dec 10 2012

Harcore/Punk band from california FIDLAR  is about to release it's first album and is playing famous canal+ Tv show L'Album de la semaine to promote it.
Never really heard of them before but it's a nice discovery  in the style of D.R.I or Gang Green with a bit of surf music in it.
Lots of short and heavy songs with nice riff and probably stupid lyrics as they called a song "Cocaine" as they love it ! 
Even though they're drinking between songs , acting like idiots and  trying to sound a bit "noisy", you can hear that the playing is neat and the band very professional when it comes to rock.
Very nice , fresh and heavy set.
That's the kind of shit we dig @ Rockerparis.