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The Rolling Stones' rehearsals setlist, Nov 08 2012

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 The Rolling Stones' rehearsals setlist, Nov 08 2012
Day 20
Penultimate rehearsals

Grand Chelem: Trabendo , Mogador, Rehearsals.

  1. Hot Stuff (several times)
  2. 5 Long years (Buddy Guy)
  3. If you can't rock me
  4. Paint it black
  5. Little Queenie
  6. Not fade away
  7. Some Girls ---------[Tea Break]
  8. Just my Imagination
  9. S F Men
  10. Fool to cry
  11. Memory Hotel (x2)
  12. You got me rocking
  13. Going to a gogo
14- Live with me 
15- One more shot
with several false starts or work in progress and Mick reading the lyrics on his laptop
16- No expectations
with Mick on acoustic guitar, Ronnie on Weissenborn lap slide guitar
17- Worried about you
With Mick on piano and nice falsetto
18- That's how strong my love is
with several different endings
19- Little red Rooster

To thank fans for standing outside in the rain and cold for the last 3 weeks listening to the rehearsals from outside and before the band is leaving for NYC , The Rolling Stones have let in 40 lucky fans and some members of the studio staff who are seeing the Stones rehearsing for the first time as only the RS team was allowed into the room.
After leaving jackets and bags and , of course, cell phones & cameras into the lobby we were escorted to a small balcony facing the tiny stage where the stones have been rehearsing since Oct 1st.
Chuck on the far left behind his keyboards with Bernard in front of him, Ronnie on the left, Charlie dead center stoical behind his drum kit, Keith on the right and Darryl on the far right.And Mick all over the place.
We can see that there are paintings stuck on the wall underneath us with the setlist written on it in big letters for each day they have rehearsed. I'de like to get a pic of that as we only have the setlist from Oct 11 onwards (courtesy of us)
They welcomed us with a few kind words and hand-signs
Even though the guys are working, you can see that they're "playing" their part: Ronnie's fooling around a bit, Keith with his trademark "kick" for the first song "Live with Me". Small gig just for us.
After that you can see they are back working properly as if we were not there watching every of their moves.
"One more shot" is started several times with indications from Chuck Leavell  who is coordinating the work on the songs, especially some of the transitions (OMS or Thats How Strong My Love Is")  He is guiding the Stones through it, he's the musical director and Mick Jagger the conductor.

It's really Incredible to attend such an event, we can see the Rolling Stones at work.
 And when Keith is missing a start, he looks at us with a grin meaning " yeah I fucked it up, sorry That's my fault" with everyone cheering but not too loud as we've been instructed not to act like fools as the band is working.
Some people around me have tears in their eyes and can't believe their luck.
This is the FIRST TIME in the Rolling Stones history that they are letting fans in for a rehearsal.

For the next song the roadies 'standing to attention' are changing the guitars and Ronnie is having is Weissenborn ready and Mick is on acoustic guitar. Michel standing on my left and who is the French RS specialist is telling me " They're going to play No Expectations". Hes' right.

For the next song Mick is behind the keys with his iMac in front of him for "Worried about you", Nice falsetto. One take.

MIck is back on the mike in front of the stage for "That's how strong my love is", once again we can see The Stones at work as they are trying different endings with Chuck and Mick's indications.
All along these rehearsals in france Mick's voice has been loud and clear: incredible.
He's done it almost everyday (except week-ends) for the last 4 weeks, 4 hours every day.

We've been there for more than 45 min and mick's assistant is asking him if we have to go, "One more song" he said and we have a blues one " Little red rooster" One take.

The whole band is thanking us several times once again for being there.
we're making our way out in the cold night but we have stars in our eyes forever

50 min of  private rehearsals with The Rolling Stones, once in a lifetime.

Incredible to see the Stones rehearsing the songs with the "false" starts ("One more shot"), the different endings possible ("That's our strong...") the indications, the work, the different guitars, the roadies 'standing to attention'... just incredible
Nice cosy studio with carpets , sofas, catering, dozens of guitars
And a very nice team: security, roadies...

A big thank you to The Rolling Stones to have welcomed us for this 50min  session

19- Blues (?)
20- Rip this Joint