jeudi 22 novembre 2012

Garbage @ Zénith, Paris Nov 22 2012

 Garbage @ Zénith, Paris Nov 22 2012
see ya there tonight

Gargabe is back in Paris just a few months after playing a sold-out show at the Olympia theatre (on May 16), tonight is a different story, it's a small zénith (3000 capacity) and it's far from being full.
We have two support bands: first is SUCCESS, we didn't see them as we were still outside, then Pony Hoax that was ok. After a long intermission GARBAGE is finally playing on the very simple stage, a huge backdrop , two keyboards on each side.
Last time we saw Garbage was @ L'Album de la semaine for Canal+ on May 15 promoting the latest album and the day after for a signing session @ Fnac store. Can't say that the new songs sound very good as there are too many electro-effects on them, it's ruining everything, the reviews have been very bad for the new album.
Of course the band is playing all the hits but there's something missing, I don't know maybe I'm not interested anymore in that kind of music. All my friends are telling me that they've done a great show but I'm not convinced at all.
The thing that I'm wondering: how do they get such a big sound with just two guitars ?
Good show just above average

  1. Control
  2. I Think I'm Paranoid
  3. Shut Your Mouth
  4. Why Do You Love Me
  5. Hammering in My Head
  6. Queer
  7. Stupid Girl
  8. Automatic Systematic Habit
  9. #1 Crush
  10. The One
  11. Special
  12. Blood for Poppies
  13. Cherry lips
  14. Battle in me
  15. Cup of coffee
  16. Push it
  17. Vow
  18. You look so fine------------
  19. When i grow up
  20. The world is not enough
  21. Only happy when it rains-------------
  22. "Duke song"