mercredi 6 juin 2012

GUNS N ROSES (Part 1) @ Paris Bercy, June 05 2012

GUNS N ROSES (Part 1) @ Paris Bercy, June 05


Guns n Roses is playing a few shows in France including this one in Paris Bercy, it's a 17000 capacity arena that is 2/3 full, only empty seats in the back.
There were many competitions to win tickets and the guest list was as long as the Chinese Wall.
Among people on the guest list many girls, with VIPs and Aftershow passes, probably coming from a Model agency.

DJ Ashba
Opening band is French super Heroes Shaka-Ponk, they are very popular over here but we arrived at the venue too late to see them.
As usual GUNS N ROSES is late, Axl and Co are getting on the stage @ 10:30pm.
Axl was already at Bercy around 4:30pm as a couple of friends saw him walking into the venue.

The band hasn't changed that much since the last time they've played in Paris (in 2010) with roughly the same setlist, only the solo parts have all been changed
Last time there were lots of complains about the sound, this time they've fixed it, even though I though that it wasn't loud enough down the front.
The stage has also more screens and more beautiful lightning than 2 years ago.
Great show no matter what people are saying
Axl Rose and band are on Top form, lots of people are talking shit about Guns N Roses and they're WRONG... GUNS N ROSES are rocking !!!
Maybe they should skip some of the solos part but Axl is on stage for 3 hours at every show so he needs a breather every 3-4 songs so that he can rest a bit and change shirt & hat.

Tommy doing his song

Great Video of "Streets of Dreams" (click on link)