samedi 9 juin 2012

Lou Reed + Blue Oyster Cult @ Montereau Festival June 09 2012

Blue Oyster Cult + Lou Reed + Hubert Felix Thiéfaine @ Montereau
Confluences Festival, June 09 2012

Good show from French singer HF Thiéfaine

Late arrival at the Montereau Confluences festival, in fact our photographer arrived there at 8:30pm instead of 6:00pm to get his pass, so thanks to the PR for their kindness.
Huber felix Thiéfaine is already on the main stage in this park, aound 15 000 capacity maximum.
This french singer has lot of dedicated fans even though he's never (rarely) played on the radio and ignored by the media. Lots of songs about junkies & shit. Cool pop-rock set.
Lou Reed is playing around 10:00pm, no one is allowed to take any pics when he's getting on stage from the dressing room surrounded by his musicians, his manager and half of the security of the festival, just to walk 10 meters. Of course only the local press is allowed to take pics for the first 3 songs and they have to be publish in black only.
Here are a few snapshot we took from the audience.
It's only a taste of the pain in the ass that is Lou Reed.
Funny to remember what people working for M______ told us about him.

Brandenburg gate (from Lulu) (?)
Waiting for the man
Senselessly Cruel
The View (Lulu)
Mistress dead (Lulu)
Walk on the wild side
Junior's dad (from Lulu)

Never really listen to Lulu too many times , it's so boring maybe I should have as he played 4 songs from the record he did with Metallica. Didn't recognized the first one.
Then we had a very long version of "Heroin" clocking at more than 11 minutes, "Waiting for the man" was also an extended version, in fact he didn't play any below below 6 min.
9 songs in all for an 80 min + set.
Some people started leaving after "Mistress dead" which is the fastest song on the album.
Average performance.

Blue Oyster Cult didn't start before 12:45 pm, they had sound problems in their monitors at the beginning and we could hear Buck's vocals for a minute but that was nothing as they've done a KILLER set.
Hard to go wrong with such fantastic songs
Too bad Eric Bloom asked the audience which song they wanted between "Harvest Moon" and "Shooting Shark" and they chose the latter.
Great sound, great Lightning, an audience of dedicated fans even though some people left after Lou Reed as it was getting late and it was more of a family audience.
really strange that BOC headlined this festival and played so late as you couldn't get any train back to Paris
Late ending as the band left the stage at almost 2:00 in the morning.

The red & the black
Golden age of leather
Burning for you
Cities on flame
Shooting Shark ( instead of "Harvest Moon")
ME 262
Buck's Boogie
Last days of May
Bass medley: Joan jett/ Rungren's Utopia/ Meat Loaf + bass solo
Drum solo/ Godzilla
Buck intro/ Don't fear the reaper
Hot Rails to hell

GREAT show by Blue Oyster Cult
We have a winner: BOC

BOC @ Olympia in 2009
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