Friday, June 22, 2012

Pony Pony Run Run @ Hotel de Matignon, Paris June 21 2012

Pony Pony Run Run @ Hotel de Matignon, Paris June 21 2012

Pony Pony Run Run

Just after attending a show by Mina Tindle & Saint Vincent @ Colette store on the right bank, it's time to cross the Seine for the left bank to the residence of the French Prime Minister @ Hotel de Matignon.
French Electro pop band Pony Pony Run Run is playing in the front courtyard, it's packed out there and you have to go through metal detectors and Gendarmerie to get in.
It's a posh audience with mainly neighbors and people working here.
The courtyard is packed.
We're just in time to see the band getting on the stage, it's electro -pop with lively songs , it's ok but not really our drug of choice.

-Gendarmerie nationale : "Vos papiers svp"- & our French Prime Minister (and wife)

Our new French Prime Minister Jean Marc Ayrault is trying to act as if he is the coolest mother fucker in France by joining the audience while the band is playing and crossing the courtyard from one side to the other followed by dozens of photographers, reporters and cameras.
He stayed for the end of the set just next to us with his posse (of security guards) posing for photographers and acting as cool as fuck. He's da man !!!

Just been told Rockerparis & guests could be seen on iTV with MC JM Eyrault in the news.

The Posh audience is getting wild but our Prime Minister is keeping his "cool attitude"