dimanche 26 février 2012

The Musical Box @ Olympia, Paris Feb 26 2012

The Musical Box @ Olympia, Paris Feb 26 Lien2012

Genesis Tribute band @ Olympia

Another full house for a tribute band ( After the excellent Letz Zep) in the all seated Olympia theater in Paris.
Once again it's not cheap between 40 & 90 euros.
I've never been a fan of Genesis, YES... and NOW I know why ! It's just because this music SUCKS BADLY !
I have never seen such a pretentious , pompous, boring concert.
Don't get me wrong if you're into that shit you'll love it, it's faultless and The Musical Box put on a great show but now I really understand why young kids turned into Punk Rockers in the mid seventies when this shit was all over tvs and magazines with pompous bastards like Genesis or Rick Wakeman lost on stage among giant mushrooms or skating on ice with king Arthur.
2 hours of pure pain for my ears and I'm not talking about the ridiculous costumes (see pic above).