Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mark Lanegan @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris Feb 21 2012

Mark Lanegan @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris Feb 21 2012


Once again we're very lucky, as we are attending the first show of Mark Lanegan on this tour, to promote his latest album.
Less than 200 people for this tv recording of L'Album de la Semaine (to be played on March 10 on Canal+), conditions are perfect , great lightning and the sound is perfect with Mark's voice up front.
He's playing with young European musicians (from Belgium ?) all dressed in black and I guess that they will have to pay a 100 dollar fine if ever they smile on stage.
Mark is in great spirit: he opened his eyes once to say thank you in the middle of the short set and even wave us goodbye at the end.
For the whole gig he'll stay glued to his mike like Joey Ramones did in his time concentrated on his vocals.
Funny how the white/Green lightning that was on his face made him look like a living dead from a Romero movie.
Needless to tell you that this 7 songs set ( 5 new songs and two oldies including one from Screeming Trees) went faultless.
You don't need to do much when you have great dark songs.
I wish he would have played a proper set in Paris.

Terrific !!!

The Mark Lanegan Touring Band is: (from One Wiskey)
Jean-Philippe De Gheest - Drums
Frederic Jacques - Bass
Steven Janssens - Guitar

Aldo Struyf - Keyboards,Guitar